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A Review:  “Colour Fields and Hard Edges”

By: Maureen Korp, PhD, Writer, lecturer and independent curator
Freedoms and Limits:  The work of artist Shaukat Chaney

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Metal Art Guild of Canada

2011 Magazine Interview
Shaukat Chaney is interviewed by the Metal Art Guild of Canada and the article appears in The Bronze Issue of MAGazine.

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CTV “Regional Contact

February 21st, 2009
An interview with Shaukat Chaney featured on CTV’s program “Regional Contact”

Running time: 10 minutes

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A Journal of the Creative Process

February 2009, Issue 2:3
An interview with Shaukat Chaney

Shaukat Chaney:
A Man of Many Talents

by: Karen Secord
An article about Shaukat Chaney appears in the October 2007 issue of Fifty-Five Plus Magazine.

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Dentists and Goddesses

by: Patrick Langston
Like most of us, Dr. Shaukat Chaney, a Cumberland dentist turned stone and bronze sculptor, used to see shapes in clouds when he was a child. The difference between him and us is that he’s gone right on seeing shapes, although he’s shifted his attention to more solid objects.

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New lines to learn as sculptors seek the spotlight

by: Sarah Mather
Soaring, flame-like, bronze waves and swinging, speckled, blue bubbles are just a few of the sculptures bringing the Enriched Bread Artist’s studio to life.

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