The Artist

I was first introduced to oil painting in 1974 while enrolled at the University of Minnesota Graduate School of Dentistry. Painting was included in the program to create a better understanding of colours used in dentistry.


My interest in sculpture began in 1975 while creating craniofacial prostheses for trauma and cancer patients at the College of Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan. Here the training in visualizing and understanding colour was found to be extremely useful.

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The Work


My process is, at first improvisational. The shape and structure come directly from my mind with no outside influence. The process of choosing colours is more deliberate. Colour fields are created with hard edged juxtaposition of colours. This proximity of colours create a tension that holds the viewer’s attention after being drawn in by the smooth, moving lines. Paint is applied with intense precision and constant refinement of technique.

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The Work


I studied sculpture under the tutelage of Mr. Bill Epp, head of the sculpture department at the University of Saskatchewan. This led to my fascination with working in bronze. In 1978, I introduced portrait sculpture to my dental students to help them understand facial shapes and contours. This was the only such program offered to dental students in North America.

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My sculpture and paintings can be viewed at WaterWalks Studio by appointment.

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